Bankruptcy Lawyer | Alternate Routes to Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Lawyer  |  When your family is trying to deal with the loss of income due to ill health or a lay-off, this can be a trying time that is filled with fear and worry. As your savings dwindle, you may decide to contact a bankruptcy lawyer to begin proceedings.Sometimes this is the best solution, but there are other options that may be more fitting to your situation.

Each Situation is Unique

Regardless of your level of income, there is a form of debt relief that is available to you when you can no longer keep up with your monthly obligations. For those who have a great deal of income or assets but who are still in over their heads, the following practices may be a better solution than bankruptcy.

• Negotiation of Debts:

This is best achieved with direct negotiations between an experienced lawyer and any creditors or collection agencies that you have been dealing with so that you no longer have to fear answering your phone or picking up your mail. These negotiations may result in more favorable repayment options on better terms that your budget can handle. In many cases, it's also possible that your creditors may agree to accept a discounted sum to settle your bill.

• Defense Against Lawsuits:

Your creditors may bring legal action against you in order to attempt to collect a debt in regards to various issues such as foreclosure actions, credit cards or business and personal loans. Unfortunately, this could result in liens being placed on your property or the garnishment of any wages or your income tax return. A lawyer with extensive experience in these matters will defend you in these cases in order to protect your various interests.

Help is Available Today!

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