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Keep your home, car & other property! Eliminate credit card debt, tax debt, and other debt!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often referred to as liquidation because a bankruptcy trustee can liquidate (convert to cash) your non-exempt assets to pay part of the your outstanding bills. The term liquidation is rather misleading, since most people who file for

Chapter 7 bankruptcy do not have any non-exempt assets. So, there is no actual liquidation. STOP: Foreclosures, Repossessions, Garnishments, Bank Levies & Creditors’ Calls Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases move relatively quickly, and you may receive your discharge in just a few months. A discharge will eliminate unsecured debts like credit card debt, medical bills, most personal loans, judgments resulting from car accidents, deficiencies on repossessed vehicles, some older tax debts, payday loans, and garnishments. Certain debts are classified “non-dischargeable” and cannot be discharged, or can only be discharged under very specific circumstances. These include child support, most student loans, and some tax debts.

Keep Your Home, Cars & other property!

Before getting your Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge, you will have to pass a Chapter 7 bankruptcy means test. Although there was a lot of media hype about the means test disqualifying people from filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy when it was introduced in 2005, the truth is that more than 96% of potential Chapter 7 petitioners still qualify nationally. In my practice, I have found that number is even higher in the Central Valley of California, Kern County and Bakersfield. So if you have considered bankruptcy as an option to solve your financial problems, call my office to set up an appointment for a free bankruptcy consultation. The new bankruptcy law has made filing for bankruptcy more complicated, but if you do things properly, you may still get rid of your debt and keep your property. An experienced bankruptcy practitioner can help you navigate the more complex bankruptcy system, and get your debts discharged in bankruptcy. In the unlikely event that you are one of those few who do not, you may still file under Chapter 13 bankruptcy.




Our office can assist you in determining whether bankruptcy is the right choice for you, and which chapter under the Bankruptcy Code would provide you with the most relief.  To schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable Bakersfield bankruptcy lawyer about filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Kern County, please call our office today at 661-888-4335 .