Bankruptcy Lawyer | 3 Tips For Those Considering Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy Lawyer  | The American Bankruptcy Institute suggests bankruptcy may be an option for people who:

  • Have had their wages garnished or bank accounts frozen after judgments.
  • Have most of their debts in unsecured loans, such as credit card bills or medical or doctor’s bills.
  • Have debt collection agencies calling at home or work
  • Have lawsuits filed against them.

Experts also offer the following tips:

  1. Assess your finances. Know what your expenses, income and total debts are. Look at what caused the financial problem and how it can be avoided in the future.
  2. Inform all debt collectors and creditors. Bankruptcy law requires that all debt collection calls, letters and efforts to reach debtors cease once a bankruptcy petition is successfully filed in court.

“If a consumer is filing for bankruptcy, they should immediately tell the collector, provide the name of the attorney handling the case, and let them know, ‘Here’s the district that I’m filing in,'” says Valerie Hayes, vice president of legal, compliance and governmental affairs for ACA International, a debt collection industry trade group.


  1. Get an attorney. The bankruptcy laws have become so complex that experts say consumers should not attempt to file by themselves. “It’s a very risky process to try to do on your own,” says University of Illinois law professor Bob Lawless. “Consult an attorney.”

He suggests consumers ask bankruptcy attorneys “a lot of questions about whether bankruptcy is the right alternative for you. You want an attorney that’s there to solve your problems and sees bankruptcy as one of the alternatives. If the recommendation is still to file for bankruptcy, ask what the benefits are and the costs.” –Credit Cards.Com


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