Bankruptcy Lawyer | Should I Hire a Non-Attorney Bankruptcy Preparer? Pt. 3


Bankruptcy Lawyer  | They can take information you give them on a bankruptcy questionnaire that closely resembles the bankruptcy petition and put them on the forms. Most likely if you can complete a typical bankruptcy questionnaire, you can probably complete a bankruptcy petition as well as the non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparer. Thus, the question you need to ask yourself is do you trust yourself to prepare your own bankruptcy petition?

5. Only an attorney can appear at your creditors’ meeting with you, and appear in court for you. A non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparer cannot appear in court or appear with you to meet with the bankruptcy trustee at the meeting of creditors. Many debtors feel that the bankruptcy attorney’s fees paid were worth their bankruptcy attorney appearing in at the meeting of creditors with time or appearing in bankruptcy court for them.

6. Answering questions about correspondence and taking telephone calls from the bankruptcy trustee, bankruptcy court, and your creditors can only be done by a licensed lawyer. Only a bankruptcy attorney will receive correspondence and telephone calls during your case. Once your bankruptcy case is filed you will receive many telephone calls and correspondence about your bankruptcy case. If you hire a bankruptcy attorney, your creditors, the bankruptcy trustee (who represents the interest of your unsecured creditors), and the bankruptcy court will have to call or write your attorney. Your attorney will understand and appreciate the complexities of the Bankruptcy Code and respond accordingly.

Any threats and actions will be taken in context and understood by your bankruptcy attorney. If someone tries to take advantage of you, how will you know how to handle this without an attorney. If you use a non-attorney bankruptcy petition preparer, your address and telephone number will be listed on your bankruptcy petition. Thus, all calls and correspondence will come directly to you, rather than an experienced professional, such as your bankruptcy attorney. Will you know how to evaluate the information and respond accordingly? If not how will you get the information with a bankruptcy attorney?


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